Water by any other name

On Sunday, Renee was resting in the house while I was in the back yard with Kyle and Kendall.  I was cutting azalea bushes and the twins were playing within earshot but not in my line of sight.  I would check on them from time to time but I wasn't constantly watching them.  After a particularly long taste of freedom I guess that Kyle got a wild hair and by coincidence Renee had peaked out of the window to see him.  She came running out of the house screaming NO! NO! KYLE NO!  I thought that maybe he had picked up a spade and started to stab his sister.  Instead, he got thirsty and was drinking rain water out of an overturned play bench.  To date he has not developed dysentery but we'll keep an eye out for the next week.  :-)


99 azaleas on the wall

Bedtime hide and go seek